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Alice Peck

If you are a careful reader of acknowledgment pages and “special thanks” credits, you’ll find that Alice Peck has more than twenty years experience working with authors. As an independent editor she has guided several first-time non-fiction writers from proposal through completed manuscript, including Hannah Seligson (New Girl on the Job), Sue Bailey and Carmen Flowers (Grave Matters) and Margaret Mackenzie (Courting the Media).

Alice has edited many first novels, including: The Hearse You Came in On by Tim Cockey, a.k.a. Richard Hawke, Laurence Klavan’s The Cutting Room, Elaine Brown’s Lemon City, Slim Lambright’s The Justus Girls and Jack Ross’s Requiem. Many of Peck’s authors return with their second and even third projects, including Laurence Klavan, Nicole Bokat, Tim Cockey, Elaine Brown, Hannah Seligson (A Little Bit Married), Susan McBride (Blue Blood), Slim Lambright (The Sweethearts of Soul), and Kim Powers (Capote in Kansas).

Before shifting her focus to publishing, Alice worked as a creative executive in film and television; acquiring books and helping writers develop them into scripts. Her projects include Dune by Frank Herbert (SciFi Channel miniseries), A Season in Purgatory by Dominick Dunne (CBS miniseries), JFK: Reckless Youth by Nigel Hamilton (ABC miniseries), as well as story-producing non-fiction series for networks including MTV (Made; Engaged and Underage) and Bravo (The It Factor). As David Brown’s director of development, Alice acquired and developed the Academy Award–nominated A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin for film and stage.

Alice lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, son, three cats, three frogs, and one lizard.